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Run or Dye


I was able to easily convince Kyle to do the Run or Dye 5k this year!  He had injured his calf so it was an easy sell when I told him we’d only be walking so we could take the kids in the wagon.  I was sure teh kids would have a blast, especially Reece because what three year-old wouldn’t want to throw colored powder at everyone and get messy himself.


So this morning we loaded the kids in our Radio Flyer wagon and took part in the Run or Dye 5k!

It was so much fun.  Both kids had a great time and so did we.  Kylee missed a nap because of the race so towards the end, she was over it.  Reece got out of the wagon a few times and ran with Kyle or I which was so much fun.  I absolutely love getting active with my little family; we’re definitely making memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Here are some pictures from the race (walk).

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A letter to my beautiful daughter


My little beauty,

One day you will grow up and discover that your mommy isn’t the most beautiful woman in the eyes of the world.  I will not grace the cover of glossy magazines (if they still exist), I will not be profiled on entertainment news shows, and no one will copy my style.  I will, however, be confident in myself and my image.  I will show you the good and the bad and teach you to celebrate both.

Lately, I have been getting healthier but mostly for the wrong reason.  I was concerned with how my clothes fit, if things were bulging out, and reducing the jiggle.  I have been eating better and working out but I have discovered that no matter how I look I always criticize my current state and obsess for better.  There is nothing wrong with getting healthy as long as you take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments because that is what it’s all about.

Today I make a promise to be a less narrow minded woman.  I will no longer focus on things that sag or bulge over but rather be satisfied with the steps I have taken, achievements I have made.  I will look in the mirror and project confidence, satisfaction, accomplishment.  I will smile.

I know it is cliché but society is placing unrealistic expectations on women then judging them for not meeting them.  We see magazine covers touting how celebrities quickly get their body back after having a baby and it forces us regular moms into thinking we aren’t trying hard enough.  I am guilty of succumbing to this pressure.  I try!  I work my ass off –if I had an ass to work off- but I will never look like they do and I am finally okay with that.

I have never been confident.  I may act like I am but you can find my sucking it in and checking myself out when I pass a mirror.  Then I became a mom to a beautiful little girl.  It became apparent that the only opinion that should matter to me is my own.  I began to look at myself through your eyes.  I asked myself “How do I want my little girl to perceive me?” and “How do I want to show her how to perceive herself?”

You gave me stretch marks and confidence.  My boobies are smaller but so are my insecurities.  There are days I stink, my hair is a mess, my clothes don’t match and I am exhausted but when you see me walk into a room your face lights up.  I can see it now, even though you are still so little, that I am the center of your world.  When we look in the mirror together you smoosh your face next to mine and smile at us.  You always want to be with me doing the things that I do.  You want to share your things and you will try anything as long as it comes from me.  I promise to be mindful with this influence I have and strive to teach you the right lessons.

I never want you to be unhappy with your image.  You are an extension of me.  You even look like me (some).  If I don’t love me how can I expect you to love you?  I need to set an example.  You already look up at me and mimic the things I do.  I need to show you that it doesn’t matter what we are told we need to look like; as long as you are happy with yourself that is all that matters.

I will no longer perpetuate self-image issues and insecurities.  I will eat a greasy cheeseburger with my family when we dine-out instead of –unsatisfyingly- ordering a salad.  I will wear a bikini even though my stretch marks are showing and I have rolls when I move certain ways.  I will smile every time I look at myself in the mirror and I will mean it!

You, my little girl, are beautiful, and I hope you can see that every single day.  I will show you how.




After a brief reunion, I must break from the gym again.


While Kyle was gone I wasn’t able to go to the gym as often as I was before he left. Before, I was going every morning, Monday through Friday at 5am.  I would get an hour workout in before heading home so Kyle could leave for PT.  It was nice.  I would feel energized and in a better mood throughout the day; less stressed.  He has been home for nearly two weeks, but since he has been home I have gone only a handful of times.

Some mornings have legitimates excuses.  Kyle having to go in early, long Easter weekend, or me and the kids having early morning plans.  I feel no guilt for not going to the gym when I there is no option for me to go.  But there have been a few mornings when my alarm goes off that I hit the ‘dismiss’ button and I go back to sleep.

Those mornings could have the potential to make me feel guilty for not getting up to go the gym but wait an hour so and the guilt starts to melt away.

It starts at just after 6 when Kylee can be heard talking, babbling, and giggling.  She crawls around her crib and climbing up the sides.  I could lay there all day listening to her little noises.  She is so happy to entertain herself and I am so happy to miss the gym listening to her.

Sometime around 6:30 I can hear Reece open his bedroom door.  As soon as I hear that door I turn to face the door only to see him bouncingly walking to our room and within seconds he has climbed into our bed and crawling up to our pillows.  He just cuddles right in.  Reece isn’t much of a cuddler the rest of the day so I like to take advantage of the moment when I can.

Progress photo #3

Progress photo #3

I leave Reece in our bed and I grab Kylee from her crib to join our party.  While the bed still has it’s morning coziness we curl up together and watch Sesame Street as we wake up.  It is hard to feel guilty about missing the gym when this is happening.

But then the morning kicks into full gear and the scare of not having a chance to work out all day sets in.  Before I finish breakfast I have mapped out my whole day and fitness isn’t in there at all.  I begin to kick myself for missing –what seems to be- the only time for me to focus on my fitness.  I loved the morning with my babies but by spending my morning with them I have to get creative if I want to sweat at some point.

When Kyle was gone I started walking the post we live on.  It is a three mile walk that is anything but easy.  The first mile goes downhill but it is the second two miles that are a killer; all up.  It is over 500 feet in elevation difference from the top to the bottom.  I sweat!  What is even better is that I am pushing the kids in a stroller so not only are they getting some fresh air but I am pushing that much more weight; uphill!  By the time I get home I am a sweaty mess, sore, and tired.

Starting Monday, Kyle will be in an early class meaning his PT will be earlier so I won’t be able to go to the gym in the mornings.  At first I was super bummed that I would miss my gym time for at least a month but in reality I get to spend more quality time with the kids and I get to sleep in a bit longer.

Also, I won’t be able to go to the gym super early once we move because the new neighborhood gym doesn’t open until 6 which is when Kyle has to leave for PT.  This situation leaves me thinking I need to come up with a non-gym workout routine.

We have adjustable free weights that I have been using on non-gym days in addition to all the bodyweight exercise I can do.  The kids pitch in where they can.  Reece climbs on my back to add extra weight and Kylee is great for baby curls.  I have been keeping up with Insanity but once that cycle is done, it’s done.  I am not going to start the cycle over anytime soon but I do hope to pop in a DVD when I feel like it has been a lazy sort of day.  Lastly, that walk.  I will do it at least three times a week as long as the weather permits.

The thing is just because I can’t go to the gym doesn’t mean I am screwed in keeping a routine.  As long as I have some simple equipment and a little drive I will get healthy and look good in a bikini here in paradise.

Wanted: A little self control


Now that Easter has come and gone I find myself wrapped up in the annual temptation of clearance Easter candy.  Easter is by far the best holiday for candy and after the big day it all goes on sale.  Cadburry Creme Eggs, Robbin Eggs, Peeps, and the array of jelly beans get me every year.

Today is the day after Easter and I just happened to have to go to Target and the grocery store.   I got what I needed at Target and decided to wander around to see what else I didn’t need.  I wasn’t thinking about today’s significance.  I wandered through the book section (like I always do) then headed to the grocery side.  On my way I passed the holiday area with great red signs with “%off” in big letters.  It called to me, pulled me in to look at all the Easter goodness that was hard to say “no” to.  But I was a good girl and only bought some clearanced decor.

Our post-Easter candy stash

Our post-Easter candy stash

I left Target proud of my self-control and went to the commissary.  I needed a few staples such as milk, eggs, produce, etc.  I was hungry so I stopped at the deli for a sandwich that I would eat when I got home.  I was smart to avoid the isles with junk -because I was hungry- and made my way to the milk which is in the back corner of the store.  I grabbed the 2% and began the long walk to the registers which just so happen to go right past their Easter candy clearance area.  -Don’t look.  Don’t look.-  I was like a horse with blinders on.  –Keep looking to the left.-  I caved for just a moment but my in that moment my eyes locked on a 2lb bag of large Whopper Robin eggs, for ONLY $1.50!!!  Without a single ounce of self-control I reached over and snatched that bag right up.

Now it is sitting in my pantry along with the ton of candy I bought before Easter for the kids’ baskets.  What the hell do I need 2lbs of Robin eggs for?  I keep telling myself that bag will last me a long time if I can practice self-control but a bad diet day will inevitably come along and I will polish off that bag without even thinking.  My best bet is to keep them in the pantry and only grab a few at a time.  I am usually too busy with the kids, house, etc to make regular trips to the kitchen so whatever I can grab in one hand will be all I am allowed for the time being.

I am so happy the holidays are over.  I am working too hard at getting fit for me to ruin everything with candy.  I want to look in the mirror and be happy with where I am, not beat myself up for not being able to pass on a 2lb bag of impulse.  I am not mad that I bought it but I will be mad if I can’t control how I eat it.  I feel like there is nothing wrong with eating what you like as long as it is in moderation.  I can have some candy and it not ruin my day I just need to practice a little self-control.  Next year I need to remember to avoid the store right after Easter.

Taking a break from the gym


Tomorrow will be the last day I can hit up the gym for at least two weeks.  Kyle is going TDY (Temporary Duty in location other  than the one he is currently assigned to) for at least that long and with him gone, there will be nobody here to watch the kiddos for me to go to the gym.

Kyle being away from home is common in the military.  You talk to any military spouse and we’ll tell you about hiccups in schedules and interrupted routines.  I have been going to the gym regularly for six weeks now and now I face my first real fitness test; can I keep up on working out if I can’t go to the gym?  Adding to the difficulty of the test is that I will have no break from the kids so the only time I will be able to work out is in the house while they are sleeping or if I load them up and go for a walk/hike.  wpid-2013-03-07_07-22-37_903.jpg

Luckily, I have Insanity. I started Insanity just after Kylee was born and I really loved it but with her erratic newborn schedule, Reece being Reece, and  getting ready for, then moving overseas, the commitment waned and I gave up.  What really sucked was that I was seeing a little progress just after two weeks.  After each session I was dripping sweat and exhausted; it was great!   Now, with things calm, I will be able to pop in a DVD when the kids are down and hopefully, not mess up my fitness schedule.

I made a bet with my sister to have abs by our birthdays.  She by her’s and me by mine.  I have just under three months to make my goal and I have to admit it will be hard work until the very end.  I have never had noticeable abs in my life.  I was always a bit chubby so the idea of having the hint of defined ab muscles has me doubtful and pumped at the same time.   I don’t want to be ripped and I don’t plan on being exactly where I want to be my my birthday but I do want to see a hint of my abs somewhere under there and I can continue towards the bigger goal once that magic date has come and gone.

This year I will be 27 and the healthiest I have been since I was a kid.  Although the abs are one specific goal they represent more than having a strong core.  I want to be fit all over.  Don’t get me wrong, abs will look damn good in a bikini on the beach here in paradise -talk about motivation!- and I want to have great arms, legs, back, chest, shoulders, butt, etc. but that is only a representation of what I am really gunning after; I want to be in good overall health most of all.  I don’t want to look back and see that I’ve missed out on this or that because I preferred to spend time on the couch or was too insecure to try something.  I want to be at the top of my game from here on out.

So this is the start of my Insanity journey with the gym on hold.  I plan to start right back up with my gym routine when Kyle comes back and continue with Insanity until the end of it’s cycle.  That means for two or so weeks it will be solely the DVDs then add the 5am gym-time once my love is home.  Hopefully the fitness ‘double-dipping’ will blast me right past any plateau and really get me on track for those abs I want.

Conquering the mountain


It was a spontaneous idea that sent us up the mountain this morning.   Kyle and I wanted coffee more than our standard machine is capable of so we went out for it.  The road home has an off-shoot that leads to a trail up the mountain that we have been on only once before.  The first time we attempted this trail was shorty after we moved into this house and I was feeling very out of shape and wasn’t able to make it to the top.  The trail taunted me every time I drove past it.

We drove home from our coffee outing with the windows down because the weather is great -c’mon, it’s Hawaii, there are very few bad weather days- and I think Kyle felt the same as me, not wanting to be inside the house.  The trail’s beginning is less than a quarter mile from our front door but by the time we parked the car and unloaded the kids we had already made plans to run into the house, grab Mac, and tackle the trail!

There really isn’t much I can say about hiking up a trail so I will keep it short and let the pictures do the talking.  We had so much fun.  Reece walked almost the whole time.  He climbed up some little ridges and explored the areas on the sides of the trail.  Kylee slept on and off in the carrier on my back on the way up and daddy’s heading down, such a bum.  Mac was leashless the entire time we were hiking; he did great! Last but not least… we made it to the top!

Of course, when we were just ten or so yards from the main road, as I carried Reece my foot slipped on some rocks and I fell.  I held onto Reece and took the brunt impact on my right hand and knee.  Kyle took over carrying him, Kylee and holding onto Mac’s leash; he is now calling me girl scout, haha.

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Monday morning…really?


This morning has really been stacked against me.  I would consider myself a ‘morning person’ so I don’t mind getting up and getting busy first thing but so far this morning I am ready to crawl back in bed and ask for a redo.

First, Kylee waked up at 3:30. No problem.  She is dirty so I change her diaper and put her back down and she falls right back asleep.  Win!

4:30, Reece woke up and walked to our room.  I hold his hand and walk him back to his bed telling him “It’s not time to be up yet.  Go back ni-nights.”  he falls right back asleep.  Win!

4:50, alarm.  I get up, get changed and head downstairs.  Poop?  I smelled it as soon as I hit the last step; confirmed it as soon as I rounded the kitchen corner.  Really, Mac? I clean up his mess, drink my work-out drink and out the door; late.

5:04 my id wouldn’t scan properly and the computer gets all glitchy.  The overly perky lady comes out from behind the desk and happily reprimands me for not covering the bottom barcode.  I did and I do every morning so I am not ruling out it could have been my fault but I must have been lucky EVERY other morning.

I hope on the elliptical and work up a good sweat.  It feels like my morning is turning around.  All that has happened so far this morning will be washed away by sweat!  Then I go to the weight room.

It is packed like it always is on a Monday morning but there are two people that I have never seen before and the guy is doing the exact workout that I had never done before but had planned to do right away (push-up with row). No problem, he is taking up a lot of floor room anyways so I will grab a bench and start my presses and flies.  Naturally the only available bench is right next to the other new person; a ripped -not overly, though- young girl, and she was hott too.  Let’s give a round of applause as as welcome insecurities to the stage.

Block it.  Block it.  Block it!  I grab my weights and get to work.  It felt great and everything faded away with the music in my ears and sweat running down my forehead.  The guy had moved so I figured this was the time to do my push-ups with row.  I grabbed a pair of hex dumbbells and got in position.  First rep, great.  Second rep, great.  Third rep, I planted the dumbbell on a corner and threw my weight into the push up and it rolled.  I caught it before making a huge fool of myself but my shoulder clicked as I tried to correct.  I tried to do more reps but every rep I did I felt a pinch in my shoulder.  Time to stop that for today.

I go back to my other exercises and try to forget what just happened.  I am a keep-to-myself person at the gym with my headphones in my ears and no need to talk to anyone.  Today, a regular happened to walk past right as Pandora was in between songs and he asked if I was okay.  I said I was fine then he made small talk about “making it work” and being here Monday through Friday.  Now I may be reading into this but with the M-F comment I felt like he was saying to not let the new -really fit- people affect my morning; which that coupled with my push-up failure had me feeling like crap.  It was cool feeling like I was part of the ‘regulars’ club.

I came home and told Kyle about my morning so far.  As I was talking to him about my morning, my internal dialogue from the gym sounded really childlike.  He gave me some great advice and told me not to let the fit newbies into my head.  That they are only there to work out too; not to get into people’s heads.  It is silly that they bothered me like they did and I know they meant nothing by their presence -listen how silly I sound- but it takes someone else to point out the sillyness before it really clicks.

It is now 7am and I need to get ready for the long day ahead of me.  It is time to focus on the positives.  I have MOPS, grocery shopping, then I am making dinner for guests!  Good thing I went to the gym this because if my day continues like it has been I needed my morning workout to give me whatever good mojo it does every other day.  I love working out every morning and I look forward to the retry I get tomorrow and the rest of the week.