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Picnic Table


Now that we have a house my brain is going crazy with real ideas on how to make it ‘our home’.  I am all over Pinterest looking at the Home Décor tab and fun DIYs to personalize our new place.  Since coming to the island all I wanted to do is settle but living in this temporary house has left me with an itch I have to wait to scratch.

Yesterday I got a little ahead of myself and hopped on; bad idea.  As I scrolled through the furniture section I came across this adorable picnic table.  It was perfect.  A good sized table with detached benches that needed repainting!  My heart started racing and I began to feel that desperate feeling that if I didn’t call the number and claim it right away someone else would scoop it up and all the idea that that table brought up would be smashed.

Just imagine it bright tangerine and yellow!

Just imagine it bright tangerine and yellow!

I called and told the lady I wanted it but still needed to clear it with Kyle AND find a way to pick it up.  I immediately sent an email to Kyle and being such a great hubby he said, “if you want it, get it.”  Then a friend on Facebook who has a truck offered to help us pick it up.  I called the woman back and told her we’d be there after dinner.

So last night we drove to the other side of the island to pick it up.  When we got there it took me less than a second to really fell in love with it.  I does indeed need a fresh coat of paint but that is another thing that makes it so perfect.  Sometime I get nervous over the idea of refinishing something that is okay the way it is but this table has paint chipping off so there is no choice in the matter, I need to paint it.  Yay!

Right now it is sitting in my carport, waiting.  Kyle and I have been discussing color(s) we think would look best.  I want something tropical/summery/Hawaiian/fresh/clean, a lot to pack into a color.  Kyle just doesn’t want it purple, haha.  I am thinking a rich tangerine with yellow accents!  One day soon we will head to the store to pick out the colors and make the final decision then spend a day painting it as a a family.

This table will be perfect for our new backyard.  I haven’t seen our actual yard yet but I have a pretty good idea of what to expect; tall privacy fence around a decent sized yard between the house and detached garage.  I can already guess where I want it and how much use it will get over the next few years.

What is more perfect is the memories we have yet to make around our new picnic table.  With the weather being great year round we can eat so many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners outside.  It will be a great to have when we have cookouts, parties, or just a couple friends over for a simple afternoon get-together.  I can already see it, outdoor toys scattered around the yard, the kids sweaty and playing, and dinner being brought to the table so we can eat as a family.