My brain is on vacation


I haven’t been writing lately.  Usually on days I don’t publish a blog post I write what I hope will be my book.  I was doing really well for a while but over the last few weeks I just don’t have much of a creative thought in my brain.  Then recently (the last weeks or so) getting a blog post out has been as easy as parallel parking an eighteen-wheeler.  I’ve been in these ruts before but this one seems to really be pulling me down.

What is worse is that when I have free time I am choosing to watch crap on TV rather than reading.  The book I have been reading for the last two weeks sits on my nightstand, the bookmark hasn’t moved in days.  What the hell?

This is a typical rut.  A dry spell.  My brain is fried and I don’t see much hope on the horizon.  It will turn around because writing/reading is usually my escape but I just don’t know when or how.  My days are so routine, especially when Kyle is gone. The only time I have for me is the short period when the kids are napping (if I get any nap-overlap) and after the kids go to sleep for the night.  After a few chores to keep the house presentable I have no desired to think so I’ve been letting the TV do it for me.

We’re going to the beach again tomorrow (I know, tough life we have) and if the kids allow I may be able to reset my frazzled brain and hopefully crack open a book.  We’ll see.  Until this funk I’m in turns itself around, I apologize for any crap I publish, I am trying.


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