Making plans and hoping for the best


Thanksgiving is a big deal in my family.  The other holidays are shared within each little family or with friends but for Thanksgiving, everyone finagles their calendars to ensure we can all come together on a Thursday evening to fill our bellies with delicious turkey and all its accoutrements and simply be together.  It is a big deal and I have no plans on missing out.

This year, given that we live on an isolated formation of rocks in the middle of the ocean, getting home for the holiday is taking more planning than usual.  In addition to going home to see family in Florida for the holiday I also plan on stopping for a long layover to spend time with my Aunt and cousins who do not live in Florida and see Kyle since he will be in the middle of a long training course near where my aunt lives.

I hate making decisions and definitive plans.  There are so many factors and things that could go wrong.  With two small kids and the appropriate amount of luggage that will inevitably ensue, planning this intricate trip could take a lot of research, muscle, and sanity.

First off flights are stupid-expensive.  I am doing acrobatics trying to find flights that wouldn’t require me forfeiting one of my kids to cover the price.  I am looking at every travel planning website, individual airlines websites, and military Space-A to come up with the best course, comparing routes and finances, to ease the stress of this trip.

This brings up a whole separate list of things that can happen:

– Flight connection troubles. Delays, cancelations, or the possibility of no seats if we do Space-A.

– Renting a hotel in an unfamiliar place.

– Renting a car and driving in an unfamiliar place.

– Luggage + two small kids and I only have two hands.

– Layovers, short and long.

It seems that I also have to plan around the unknown.  Kyle will be in training and we don’t know how much time he’ll have off while we’re there.  We are flying into the airport close to my aunt so that we can spend time with her and introduce her to Kylee but also so that we can rent a car and drive to see Kyle.  If for some reason Kyle won’t be available the whole time we are there I don’t want to burden my aunt with the craziness that it my clan.  Right now it looks like Kyle will be able to spend time with us but this is the Army, nothing is ever so concrete.

The thing is I really want this to work out.  I think it would be an amazing adventure –and feat- of we can see Kyle, my aunt and cousins, and my Florida family over the Thanksgiving holiday without breaking the bank and my sanity in the process.  I can do it.  I will make it my personal mission to find flights, car rentals and hotel rooms so that this trip will work.  When the time comes I will load up our luggage and wrangle the kids using every ounce I have in me and make the best of the given situation.  It has to work out because there is no other option.


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