I love Sundays!


Last night before going to bed Kyle and I discussed what our plan for today would be.  The conversation started with Kyle saying that even though it was the weekend, it would be like any other day of the week because we would still be waking up early with the kids.  I countered that argument with although we would be up early I would make breakfast and we could spend the day in our jammies watching movies; a typical lazy family Sunday.

We were awakened at 6:30 by Reece crawling into our bed asking for cartoons.  I knew we had a special hour-long Mickey saved in our DVR so I put that one on hoping to catch more Zzz’s.  He is the worst at sitting still so although I was in bed for that hour, I was anything but sleeping.  Around 7:30 Reece told me to get up so I did.

I went to the kitchen and started our Sunday morning breakfast; pancakes.  I make some pretty phenomenal pancakes using beer as a not-so-secret ingredient.  I had a Sam Adams Maple Pecan Porter so I used that for a flavor boost and I have to admit my pancakes were extra tasty today. Everyone enjoyed breakfast so I made an extra batch to freeze for the kids’ breakfast over the next week.

After breakfast we sat around on the couch catching up on the morning’s news, still in our jammies.  I couldn’t stay that way for long.  I needed to take Kylee to the store to get her her first pair of shoes and the weekend would be the best time to take her so Kyle could keep Reece.  So by 9 I was dressed and out the door.

My shopping partner in her NEW shoes!

My shopping partner in her NEW shoes!

Kylee and I made a date out of our time away from the boys.  We stopped at Ross and TJMaxx to do a little shopping for ourselves and the house.  We stopped at Payless and I picked out the cutest shoes.  I put them on her cute little feet and scooched away for her to take her first steps in shoes.  I almost cried.  She did cry.  She walked like a scooba diver on land before plopping down on her butt in frustration.  Sold!

On the drive home she kept on reaching for her feet.  She hated the shoes.  As soon as we came into the house I set her down so she could walk to daddy wearing her new shoes.  She wasn’t having it.  She plopped right back down on her butt and cried.   My little girl has grown accustomed to walking bare foot –standard for Hawaii- so making the switch will be a fight, I can already see.

But now I can switch back into the ‘lazy Sunday’ mode.  I am home for the day, don’t need anything from any store.  The kids are napping, Kyle is gaming, Mac is sleeping, and I have my feet up as I type.  I have some cleaning and laundry to do but that will get done sporadically throughout the rest of the day.  My plan is to put on some comfy clothes and read a book as I lay on the couch until the kids wake up and I am forced to move.  This is what Sundays are all about.


ps.  You can click that image to make it bigger to see Kylee in her stylish new shoes.


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