Community Easter egg hunting


There are so many community and Army sponsored Easter egg hunting events happening this weekend and I just can’t decide if I want to take the kids to one.  I want to.  I want to so bad.  What is holding me back is other parents.

For last year’s Easter hunt we were in DC.   The military housing/community center put on a big egg hunt separated into age groups.  Reece, being only 18 months, was in the ‘under 2’ category.  It was an open field with thousands of bright, colorful eggs randomly thrown about.  None were hidden.  You couldn’t walk two steps without stepping on one.  We got there early enough to stakeout our own space on the perimeter of the field so when they released us, Reece would be right where he needed to be.

After telling him what he was supposed to do they blew the whistle and released hundreds of toddlers!  It was an awesome sight, at first.  Reece collected a few eggs before the first parent reached in front of him to grab an egg and toss it in front of their child. Fluke.  Then it happened again and again and again, and by different parents!   It was ridiculous!   Looking around, I saw a lot parents doing it; some parents grabbing eggs and putting them in their kids baskets.  What fun is that?

When there were no more eggs we congratulated Reece on a job well done and headed home.  He had fun and really got a kick out of opening his eggs to discover little candy and toys in them.  But that was just it, cheap candy and toys.  Why would some parents act the way they did for cheap candy and toys?  It was an event for kids that was overrun by their immature parents.

Easter hunt 2012

Easter hunt 2012

This year when doing a little research on local egg hunts I cam across some women who said they wouldn’t be taking their kids because of past experiences similar to what we saw last year in DC.  What is this silly phenomenon?  What can’t some people let kids be kids?  If no parents unfairly inject themselves then every kid will have the same chance, same odds.  I don’t want my now 2.5 year old to be overrun again this year.

The thing is, Reece can handle himself.  I predict him snatching his own eggs this year with only a quick example.  He will be in a new age group, so hopefully, parents will have to wait at the perimeter like the older groups last year.  I would prefer it that way.  Unleash the masses and let them do it on their own.

I think no matter what I will still bring him to an egg hunting event.  It’s part of being a kid.  We will have a little hunt Easter morning at our house but I want to take the to a local hunt on Saturday.  I remember the thrill of searching for eggs so if I can offer it to my kids at home and at a public event, why not?  If there are immature parents there ruining the fun for kids I will brush it off like I did last year.  It doesn’t matter if Reece comes home with a basket full of eggs or just a few, as long as he has fun, it was worth it.


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