Like a warm blanket


Kyle is home and things feel comfortable again.  I can take care of one baby while he gets the other.  I can take a shower while they play downstairs.  He can see all the cute things they do so I don’t have to try and explain or catch it on video.  Things are attended to and I didn’t necessarily do it.  Our routines has been reestablished and it feels like it never had a break.  Kyle being home -and our family being whole- is like slipping under a warm blanket; it is so comfortable, all you can do is enjoy it and smile.

Reece spoiled our little homecoming surprise for him.  As I pulled past Kyle on the sidewalk Reece saw him and screamed.  Kyle came around to his door to say “hi” but Reece just talked his ear off.  He told him about the airport, and driving, and flying so far away, and the Army, and Korea, and on, and on, and on.  Kyle loaded up his luggage while Reece kept on rambling.  We drove home as Reece kept on rambling.  We settled into the house and Reece kept on rambling. He was so excited to see daddy that he couldn’t stop talking.  He was like he couldn’t hold it in anymore; he just had to tell daddy about everything that happened while he was away.  I was so happy to see my little guy like this because while Kyle was gone, Reece was obviously saddened.  Sometimes he even looked depressed.

Kylee stared at Kyle whenever he was in the room and if he made eye-contact, she gave the biggest smile.  There was no cold-shoulder or hesitation when she saw him again, it was all smiles.

I am happy to have my other half back.  We can trudge on as individuals but we are so much happier when we’re together.  We had family time in our bed before breakfast this morning.  We have been watching March Madness and Mickey as a family.   We’ve played together all day.  There have been more giggles in the last 24 hours than the whole time Kyle was gone.  We just bring it out in each other when we are together; it is the way we belong.


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