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All Packed Up with Nowhere to Go.


What a crazy day it has been.  In just seven short hours my ENTIRE house was packed up into, what seems like, too few boxes.  All it took was four ladies and miles of tape and my house was no longer a home, but rather a storage locker.

Most of my readers know where we are moving but I hesitated to make the announcement because, with the military, plans can fall through in the blink of an eye.  So here it is….-drum roll, please-……….. We are moving to HAWAII!  I am so fricken stoked I can hardly contain myself.  A few months back, Kyle sent me an email in the middle of the work day with the subject ‘Make a decision, quick.’  It contained two sentences; ‘Where do you want to go, Alabama or Hawaii?  Respond as soon as you can because I have to submit my request now.’  I admit I chuckled a bit.  Is that really a question?  Hawaii, of course.  He had good reasoning for possibly wanting Alabama as it is closer to family than we’ve been in years, but we were close when he was stationed in Ft Stewart, so I felt like it was time for an adventure.

After a lot of waiting and some delays -Kylee being one of them- his official orders were cut and we began the long and tedious process of PCSing (Permanent Change of Station).  I would have liked to have chronicled this process a bit on my blog but with the craziness of an overseas PCS coupled with having a newborn and a two year old I just haven’t had the time or energy to write as often as I like.  But tonight, as I sit on one of the few pieces of furniture I have left that is not wrapped in brown packing paper, I felt it was time for an update.  It couldn’t come at a more appropriate time; we are on the cusp of a new chapter.  All the paper work has been completed and decisions have been made, now it is time for action.

This brings me back to the ladies and everything we own resting securely in cardboard and tape.  They arrived at 9 this morning -the first minute of their arrival time window- and quickly went to work.  So many boxes, so much paper and more rolls of tape than a hardware store would carry on a regular day was brought in and distributed to every room in the house.  Two women went right to work in our bedroom while one started in the kitchen and one stayed in the living room.  They were quiet and efficient with a random question here and there.  If I left the room for even a minute, when I returned it was much more empty than I was expecting.  It was strange because I’ve never had movers in the 15+ moves in my life.  The thought of someone coming in and doing all the work was odd.  I know most people would relish in the idea of not lifting a finger when moving, but I am not most people.  I don’t want strangers in my closet or dresser drawers.  They would be touching my kitchen utensils, my linens and my panty drawer!  It it just weird.  Last night I had a minor freak-out with the realization that they were actually coming.  But, as the day went on I was able to relax some and not let the thoughts of a strangers in my house and touching my stuff, get to me.

Now my house is all packed up.  We will stay in this state of limbo until Tuesday, when the second part of our move happens -hurricane willing- where all our stuff is put into containers on a big ‘ole truck, then driven away.  We are making things work as we share space with our mummified belongings.  Reece has discovered the joy of pulling the tape off of packaging along with the repercussions of said bad decision.  Kyle and I keep running into silly hurdles such as not having a pizza cutter or any means of a food storage system.  Kylee doesn’t seem to care, but who can blame her, she has no idea as to what is happening.  From here until Tuesday -I hope this hurricane doesn’t screw things up- we wait and try to keep busy until the next adventure, a long car ride to South Carolina to see friends then continue on to Florida to spend time with family.


A Really Awesome Day


So, yesterday rocked!

I had signed Kyle and I up for a local mud run called the ‘Rebel Race’ a couple of weeks ago.  I was super stoked and used this as a goal to keep me in a fitness routine.  Kyle said he’d join me for moral support but wasn’t necessarily looking forward to it as much as I was.  He has to be stay in shape, run and do other physical stuff in the Army so any recreational running is not his cup of tea.

Squeaky clean before the race.

We woke up early and drove ninety minutes through beautiful mountains filled with trees at their peak of autumn colors.  The clouds were low and showed promise of clearing up for a beautiful day.  The GPS lead us into a hilly farm area where we saw signs signaling we were in the right place for the race!  We parked and walked a mile or so deeper into farm country to the race rally area.  Ashley and Scott came with us to watch the kids  -a BIG thank you to them!- so Kyle and I left our stuff with them to sign-in and get our numbers.

I was super bummed looking at the course.  All we could see was an open field, a star-spangled ladder and a few hurdles to jump over.  I was let down, figuring this was the extent of what we were were going to run.  The loudspeaker called our wave-time so Kyle and I headed over to the starting line.  This was it.  This was going to be the first race I will compete in.  That was when I began to not care about the dullness the course looked, I was going to run.

After some pumping up and warming up by the loudspeaker we finally got the ‘GO!’  There had to be 100+ runners in our wave so to say it was a bit cramped would be an understatement; but the first obstacle changed that.  It was our first shot at getting dirty.  We crawled in the mud under some netting.  I couldn’t wait for more.  We encountered fire pits, mucky canals, rope ladders, muddy trails and a pond that had to be thirty yards across; it was cold.  This race had waaaay more than that simple field.

Feeling muddy and accomplished.

I kept on moving.  I won’t lie by saying I ran the whole time but I never stopped.  If I did walk it wasn’t for more than ten seconds.  The obstacles were a welcomed break from running.  Kyle was with me the whole time and I’m glad he was.  He could have taken off, leaving me in the dust -mud, rather- and finished the race long before me; but he didn’t.  There were times he had his hand on my lower back to get my butt moving at the faster tempo he knew I was capable of.  This course was more challenging than I first expected.  I think if he wasn’t there motivating me I would have gone a lot slower.

We finished in a muddy pit where we had crawl under barbed wire and dip under large pipes.  We were gross.  At the finish line we were handed a dog tag that said “Rebel Race Survivor’ and I felt like one.  It was hard.  I thought the obstacles would make the running easier but all it did was make me use more and different muscles than I would in a simple run.  I was pooped but could hardly feel it because I was so fricken stoked that we did it!  Kyle and I were covered in what can only be described as ‘gross’ muck.  I had dirt in my ears, hair, bra, shoes and under my nails.  It was great!

Kyle and I rinsed off with a hose attached to a water truck (the water was fricken cold!) and claimed our free beer.  After a little recovery we collected ourselves, our stuff and our children, we made the mile trek back to where we parked.  The drive home was just as nice as the drive to the race.  Reece and Kylee feel asleep and we treated ourselves to McDonald’s for lunch.  We talked about how awesome the race was and that it was nice we got to do such a unique ‘date’.  A fancy dinner is nice and walks on the beach are great, but this is how Kyle and I would prefer to spend our ‘us’ time.  We talked about doing more in the future and the ways to commemorate them.  I have kept our numbers and plan to frame them with a picture from the race.