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The End of an Era


It was over three years ago that I responded to an ad on Craigslist about forming a new book club.  Being an avid reader and new to the DC metro area I figured this would be the perfect way to meet some new people.  The original book club consisted of about ten women but after a meeting or two it became aparent that this group of women were divided in the types of books we wanted to read.  Me and two other ladies split off and formed our own little group.

In the beginning, our new book club consisted of three people but after a few months we acquired another!  We were super casual with picking what we read, where we’d me and the path that our discussions took.  We didn’t always talk about the book, especially if we hated it.  We would collectivly agree that it sucked and get to talking about what was going on in our lives.  We tried to meet about once a month but that was rare.  We each understood that life would get in the way sometimes so if one person couldn’t make it or needed to postpone, it was no big deal.  We’d meet where and when we could.

These ladies knew me before I had my babies.  The knew me before I had a job, throughout my time at Borders and after the company closed it’s doors.  We have discussed exciting life events; from kids going to college to two weddings to international travel and now big moves.

Our book club is made up of four women and two of us are moving.  Kyle and I have orders that take us to a whole new time zone and another member got a job offer in California.  We met for the last time last night and agreed that distance will not end our group.  We decided to set up a simple Facebook group-page and selected another book to read.  The simple fact is we want to keep in touch and we like to read.  We plan to use said FB page to discuss the books we plan on reading together, books to recommend -or avoid- and to stay connected.  I will miss these ladies and I hope we will not loose contact.

Doris, Nicola and Katee, Thank you for the past three years of books, laughs and Panera!


I Knew This Would Happen


My beautiful daughter was born a week ago and although my body has mostly recovered, my brain has not.  It’s not that I don’t have a valid reason for not being back to my normal self; I haven’t slept for more than three hours in one stretch.  I want to write.  I go to bed every night thinking about what I could have published that day.

I have plenty of opportunity throughout the day to sit down and write but my brain is so scattered I can’t narrow down on one subject to write anything with actual substance.  Funny thing is, I am sitting here right now unable to form a coherent sentence.  I keep rereading what I write, second guessing if it actually makes sense.

I am excited to tell you about the cute things my kids do -how cool that word is plural!- especially how Reece is responding to his new little sister.  They have grown so much in this last week but I am so brain-drained that the things I want to write about don’t translate into my writing.

I don’t want to publish just to publish.  I want to write something you’ll read and enjoy.  I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  I will utilize my Write-Brain Workbook a little bit more to get the juices flowing and I keep an ear on the news for something to have an opinion on -like that dummy from Missouri who thought rape couldn’t produce a child, seriously?

For now I want to share what has been going on in my house.  I have two beautiful kids, an amazing husband and a dog that could benefit from a little more attention.  I sleep when I can, play with Reece when I can, have adult conversations with my husband when I can and am at the beckon call of Kylee all the time.  There hasn’t been a day that I remember to eat all three meals but I am proud to report I have remembered to shower!  I did my hair for the first time today and I was able to crack open a book for a few minutes last night.  I am getting things back into a normal routine, but until I am there, forgive me if I don’t publish or if my posts don’t make much sense.

Kylee’s Arrival


-Graphic Alert-

This post is about Kylee’s arrival and although I like to keep the gross factor under a certain level you should know that by reading about birth, things have the potential to get graphic.

On Friday I called L&D because I thought my water had broke. The triage nurse said to come in to get checked but when I did, I wasn’t anymore dilated than the day before and my water had not broken. The doctor gave me two options, go walk for two hours and come back to get rechecked or go home. I had already been checked four times in the last three days so I’m sure my cervix was good and irritated.

We went home. I was a ball of pessimism; convinced she wasn’t coming until my induction date, the 23rd. During the drive I started to have some pretty strong contractions. My contractions with Reece were Pitocin induced so they hurt like hell but with Kylee, I wasn’t sure I was having real contractions because they didn’t hurt. I figured the stronger contractions I was feeling on the drive were spurred from being checked so much.

Once we were home we ate dinner and mom suggested Kyle and I go for a walk. Kyle said if we were going for a walk we were going to make it worth the while. We walked at a hearty pace and my contractions kept on coming. He took control of my phone app that tracked my contractions because I was so focused on how much time was passing between them. The contractions were not consistent with time or duration but they were becoming painful.  Just before getting back home Kyle had me do jumping jacks, squats and high steps in hopes of getting things rolling.

I was tired from the walk so I plopped down on the couch and watched a little TV while still tracking my contractions. Usually after my walks the contractions would ebb away but these didn’t. They were still fluctuating but they were still coming. At around 10 I figured I needed a shower so Kyle came upstairs with me so I wasn’t alone and timed me. They started getting more frequent and more painful so I told Kyle to text Nicole -she and Troy were watching Reece while we were in the hospital the previous couple times- to let her know tonight might be the night.

After my shower I got some comfortable clothes on and crawled into bed. Kyle kept my phone, tracking me as the contractions got worse. They were bad. I was rolling around in bed in pain. I asked Kyle if we should go to the hospital but I doubted that I should because I had been in so much recently. The doctor said to not come in until my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart but mine were sometimes 6 minutes, sometimes 10. They hurt too!

I told Kyle I thought it was time to go.  I said that even though my contractions weren’t where they were supposed to be yet, by the time we got to the hospital I knew they would be as frequent as they needed to be.  At midnight we packed up and Troy came over to watch Reece.  Shortly after, we left home.

The whole drive felt like Kyle was driving so fast. The contractions got heavier and stronger.  Mom was tracking them at this point and I asked her not to tell me the times.  I knew they were coming fast as I would probably freak out that we wouldn’t make it.  There were so many bumps in the road, too, which Kyle said he would ‘levitate’ over if he could.

It took 29 minutes to get to the hospital.  Kyle and I go in through the main entrance while mom parks the car.  The poor guy at the front door offered me a wheelchair as I was mid-contraction so I wasn’t able to speak; I just shook my head.  Walking seemed to make the contractions more tolerable so I crept to the elevators.

We finally arrive at L&D and Kyle does all the talking.  The nurse opens the door for me to come back to triage but I was mid-contraction again so I wasn’t going anywhere.  By the time I got onto the bed and hooked up to a monitor my contractions were right on top of one another.

From here until recovery is bits and pieces of what I remember coupled with what Kyle tells me.

I had my eyes shut.  A doctor comes in to check me but my contractions are so painful he said he’d wait until one ended.  I was 8cm!  Next thing I know the triage room is filled with people and I am being wheeled out -on the triage bed.  Kyle was answering questions as doctors were telling me what I can expect.  To be honest, I wasn’t listening.  I couldn’t.  I coudn’t keep my eyes open let alone process what someone was saying.

We get into my room and I am transferred into a new bed.  I have nurses sticking me, taking blood and trying to insert IV lines.  I wanted an epidural but I was too far advanced for that.  I did it without drugs.  I did learn during this fiasco that when I am in extreme pain, I roll my eyes to the back of my head.  I remember everyone kept asking ‘you with me?’ I was with them alright, but I had to close my eyes.

As the doctor did an ultrasound my water broke.  The whole room reacted.  The next thing I know I am on my on my back and they are telling me to push. Three pushes later Kylee was born, 18 August 2012 at 0131.

From the start of labor until she was born was under two hours. I was only in the hospital for thirty minutes before she came. If I had doubted my labor any longer she may have been born at home. I checked traffic on our way in and I am glad I did, if we had been delayed by any traffic at all Kylee would have been born on the highway.

Kylee is perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf


No baby yesterday.

I went back in today because of another ‘thing’ that made me think something was happening.  When I called L&D I talked to the same triage nurse from yesterday.  From what I described to her she said it sounded like we were making progress and that I should come in.  We sat in traffic for over an hour and when we got into the the office my triage nurse was on her way out.

I was taken back to an exam room and low and behold, the same doctor who checked me yesterday walked in to check me again today.  After the exam he told me I had no change from yesterday.  I was bummed.  He gave me a list of things to look for but told me to come back in if I felt like I needed to.

We sat in traffic for over an hour on the way back home.  During that drive my contractions started getting more painful and somewhat consistent.  Since coming home I have had more painful contractions but still at random times.

I am not going back in until my contractions are regular AND painful.  I feel like the girl who cried wolf.

Maybe Baby?


Just after breakfast this morning something happened which got me thinking today was the day for a baby.  I called Kyle at work and he told me to call L&D to see if they wanted me to come in to get checked.  They did, so I showered and put the final necessities in our hospital bag and Kyle came home and changed.

When we finally hit the road it was the end of rush hour.  We only hit a little traffic when we got off the highway but it still took over 45 minutes.  I walked in and was immediately brought into an exam room.  Kylee was looking good and I had a couple contractions while on the monitor.

When the doctor checked me he said I was 4 maybe 5 cm!  I nearly jumped off the bed.  I hoped to have progressed since yesterday but -pessimistically- I really didn’t think I would be any more than the 3cm I was at my scheduled appointment yesterday.  He said he’d have to check with his higher-ups but I could expect one of two scenarios; they would admit me and start drugs to get more contractions or have me walk for two hours and hope for natural progress.

A midwife came in a few minutes later with the doctor and checked me again.  She told me the best option would be for me to walk.  Kyle and I walked for two hours straight!  I had regular contractions just about every fifteen minutes but when I went up to get reassessed I have only gained a cm.

The midwife told me to go home, relax and time my contractions.  When they get regular every 7-10 minutes to come back.  She also advised me to look up my nearest hospital just in case things progressed faster then we’d have time for.  Second babies usually come faster than first so we should have everything ready to hit the road fast if need be.  She even said she would probably see me back tonight!

So that is what we’ve been doing.  I have had semi-regular contractions and have been doing jumping-jacks and squats.  I have painted my finger and toe nails and took another shower.  We gathered up all the little things we forgot to pack on our way out the door this morning and wrapped a few more details for our friends who are watching Reece and Mac.  Now we wait.  I hope the next post is short but has a picture of my baby girl.

Go Big or Go Home


Back in July I set up a Facebook page for my blog.  I thought it was a bit premature then but now looking back I think I should have set one up earlier, maybe from the get-go.

First off, it was super easy.  It is connected to my Facebook so all of my notifications and updates for both pages come to the same place.  I also like that I can keep all my personal info on my personal page and still share my blog page with any complete stranger.  I wanted to get What a Novel Thought of my personal page too.

I felt like my Facebook was turning more into a link for my blog and less about me.  I haven’t shared a lot of ‘updates’ because I feel like my blog usually covers what I want to say.  My Facebook needs to be mine again with the occasional mention of What a Novel Thought.  Especially with everything that is changing in our lives, I want to be able to share what is going on in our family with people who I feel comfortable sharing the details with.

I know it is a strange time for me to seek publicity but I feel like doing so may light a fire under my ass.  Make me get back to writing after Kylee comes instead of making excuses, which is something I am an expert at.  I need to get my name out there; get more views and clicks.  I want to go big and maybe pull in an advertiser or two.  I want my blog to be featured in one -or two, or three- of my favorite blog sites and to get that I need more views.

Best of all, yesterday I had Kyle go to What A Novel Thought’s Facebook from his account -so I could see it as everyone else does and not from the administers page- and he clicked ‘like’ before I could stop him.  I didn’t think I was ready to go big yet but it happened before I could tell him.  Shortly after he ‘liked’ it another friend did, then another friend, then another friend!  I hadn’t even ‘liked’ my page yet but I had followers!  That is when I figured now is a good time as any.

I am going big.  I am going to be one of those obnoxious people -pages- who friends everyone.  I will publicize the hell out of my blog without worry of putting my personal info out there.  I want to gain a following of people who actually enjoy reading my thoughts and opinions.  I want to share experiences and maybe help someone or say something that gets someone thinking.  I want to write a book review that inspires another person to read.  Share my page with anyone and everyone and help me go big!